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For the past four years, Seema and Suraj Korumilli have created libraries and donated school supplies to children around the world as part of their pledge to improve literacy.

Now the two Northeastern students have donated 30 computers to a high school in Boston’s Roxbury neighborhood.

The donation marked the most recent contribution they have made through their nonprofit Literacy Movement 4 More, which they co-founded in 2013.

Students at the John D. O’Bryant School of Mathematics and Science who participate in Northeastern’s summer program to prepare rising seniors for calculus will use the computers to complete engineering and coding projects at school and at home.

“We want to do our best for the community,” said Seema, a first-year business student.

The Korumillis, who are twins, have donated more than 3,000 books, three-dozen computers, and scores of other educational tools to seven libraries around the world since 2013, including libraries in India, Greece, and the Bahamas. In July, they signed a pledge with an elected official in Mandapeta, India, to open libraries at all 17 schools in the district.