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Skill-building program prepares faculty to lead collaborative research teams.

The Research Leadership Development Initiative (ReDI) fosters research leadership and diversity of involvement. Initiated in fall 2012, ReDI is a leadership program for associate and early full professors with growing research careers who show promise for research leadership on a wider scale—whether in forging significant research collaborations, in directing centers, or in guiding their own academic departments toward greater research visibility. ReDI is hosted by the ADVANCE Office of Faculty Development.


  • To date, there have been 54 participants including 32 women (59%), and 7 minorities (13%).
  • Participants included 9 professors and 45 associate professors.
  • Five of the associate professors have been promoted to professor.
  • Additionally, three participants now serve as department chairs, five are now associate deans or associate department chairs, one received a Dean’s Leadership Fellowship, another is Vice Chair of the Faculty Senate, and another participant, a Vice Provost.