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The NuLawLab is the interdisciplinary innovation laboratory at Northeastern University School of Law.  Since 2012, the NuLawLab has been using structured creative processes to generate new ways of delivering legal services and information to underserved communities.  The Lab is pursuing three strategies to advance the democratization of law: partnering with individuals and communities to identify unmet legal needs and collaboratively design solutions; cultivating knowledge and experiences from a mix of disciplines and social perspectives to shed new insight on longstanding barriers to legal empowerment; and transforming the legal profession from the ground up by teaching new lawyers how to design novel ways of connecting people to law, legal information, and services.


  • Scaling out into multiple jurisdictions the first digital game that teaches people who can’t afford lawyers how to represent themselves in court;
  • Working with women veterans to re-imagine how that well-organized community can be empowered to more fully take advantage of veterans benefits and rights; and
  • Creating a digital portal through which members of the public can contribute to the restorative justice investigations underway at the law school’s Civil Rights & Restorative Justice project.