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Northeastern Hillel enriches the lives of Jewish students at Northeastern University so that they may enrich the Jewish people and the world.

We provide a welcoming, pluralistic Jewish community on campus that supports students in their transition to, and throughout, their university experience. We co-create action opportunities with students to explore and live their values, both on and off campus. We offer Northeastern students opportunities to develop a meaningful relationship with Israel, including opportunities to study, volunteer, co-op, and tour in Israel

Northeastern Hillel reaches over 1,000 unique students every year. In 2019 we won the Excellence in Breadth award from Hillel International for our wide reach.


Signature Programs
  • The Jewish Learning Fellowship (JLF): A 10-week experiential, conversational seminar for students looking to deepen their understanding of Judaism on their own terms. We’re interested in asking big questions. You know, the big stuff—like Who am I? What communities am I a part of? What is worth committing myself to, and why? We are proud to say that we make no claims about the “right” way to practice or not to practice Judaism. We offer several tracks such as pursuing justice and life’s big questions.
  • Israeli Art Lending Library: The first Israeli art lending library in the country, which was covered in the Jerusalem Post.
  • Care Packages: We send Israel and Jewish holiday themed care packages to hundreds of students. All they have to do is sign up.
  • Weekly learning series: Every semester we offer a learning series. In fall 2020 we launched Black-Jewish Relationship throughout History. Offered via Zoom, this learning series features interesting interactive speakers from both Black and Jewish communities and includes a stipend for students who attend all the sessions.
  • Good Deeds Day: Northeastern Hillel participates in the international Good Deeds Day, with Northeastern students engaging in community service at four volunteer sites.
  • Meaningful Shabbat Programming: Students can either take part in in-person-themed Shabbat dinners or celebrate in their dorms and apartments by picking up take home Shabbat dinners and ritual kits.
  • Powerful speakers: We host Holocaust survivors, speakers on Yiddish culture, educational speakers on Israel, and others to speak to the Northeastern Hillel community.
Immersive Experiences
  • Northeastern Hillel welcomed new Jewish students to school in September, piloting our first-year orientation program called “FreshFest.” This year it took place virtually for a week at the end of August with over 40 freshmen and a dozen student-volunteers.
  • Northeastern Hillel takes hundreds of students on trips to Israel.
  • Dozens of Northeastern students participate in 10-week to four-month internships in Israel through Onward Israel and Masa.
  • We take dozens of students to conferences. In fall 2019 we took students to conferences, volunteer projects and retreats in San Diego, Pittsburgh, and Washington, D.C.

Winter/Spring 2020:
1,921 Shabbat meals were served
103 students traveled to Israel
1,149 students engaged in our community
75 students served in a leadership position
96 students participated in Learning Fellowships
680 took part in 1-1 coffee meetings
30% of Jewish undergraduates had six or more interactions or participated in “high impact experiences”
48% of Jewish undergraduates engaged with Hillel during the academic year

Student Participation from mid-March to end of summer 2020:
Total engaged in our community: 360
Engaged in our Zoom events: 135
One-to-one engagements: 148