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The Middle East Center, hosted by the College of Social Sciences and Humanities, is committed to: Supporting research about the Middle East (covering the area from Morocco to Turkey and Iran) by Northeastern faculty from a range of disciplines and colleges; Promoting interest in the region among Northeastern students and enhancing their understanding of its politics, economics, and culture; Disseminating scholarly knowledge and expertise about the region to the wider public in Boston and beyond; Cultivating links between Northeastern University and scholars and universities in the Middle East. Co-Directors Dov Waxman and Denis Sullivan lead the effort.


  • Annual events and lectures hosted on contemporary and persistent topics, including most recently: Perspectives on Nuclear Deal with Iran Lecture; Israel’s Election: Analyzing the Results and their Implications Lecture; David Ben-Gurion: The Making of a Leader Lecture; The European Union and Democracy Promotion in Tunisia Brown Bag Lunch Discussion; Muslim American Foreign Policy and Activism and the Construction of Collective Identity Lecture.