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The LGBTQA (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer, Asexual+) Resource Center is a place students can come to socialize, relax between classes, study, and learn more about opportunities for students who identify as LGBTQA within the Northeastern Community. There is also a LGBTQA resource library students can use for research or entertainment. Simply put, the LGBTQA Resource Center is the information hub for all that is LGBTQA on the Northeastern Campus.


  • The Queer Assembly is a coalition of LGBTQA+ students at Northeastern University who work collectively to vision, build, and sustain a diverse, unified queer community on campus. Newly formed student groups supporting transgender and gender non-conforming students, students of color, asexual students and discipline specific affinity groups such as Out in Business and Out in STEM were seminal in founding the Queer Assembly.
  • OUTober is an annual, month-long celebration of LGBTQA+ Pride at Northeastern University featuring events and programs that celebrate queer culture, honor queer history, and increase understanding of LGBTQA+ identities and experiences.
  • Rainbow Graduation is an annual event that honors LGBTQA+ graduates and celebrates queer community on campus. The number of graduates and community supporters grows each year, with over 100 participants joining for the 2016 Celebration.