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Because Northeastern strives for equality of opportunity, Foundation Year has built a nationally recognized program through the College of Professional Studies that has helped hundreds of Boston Public School students to gain access to higher education and succeed at it. Students are introduced to scholarship on the college level with such benefits as small teacher: student ratios in the classroom, advisors, tutors, career opportunities, and mentors.  If you want to succeed in college, Foundation Year is the place to start.


  • Foundation Year students are persisting in their college degrees at triple the rate of comparable Boston high school graduates.
  • Foundation Year serves Boston students most of whom are first-generation and students of color.
  • Over 360 Boston students have attended Foundation Year since the program began in 2009.
  • Foundation Year students are enrolled in a full-year of college credit and transfer after the first year as sophomores.
  • The majority of Foundation Year students have no out-of-pocket costs to attend the program.
  • Students are provided with textbooks and a laptop.
  • A recent Foundation Year student at Northeastern has wisely reported, “Books tell you what you should do, but Foundation Year puts it into practice.”