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This week in the Open Classroom on Food Systems: Sustainability, Health, and Equity we focus on nutrition, more specifically the struggles so many Americans face in maintaining healthy diets. Some questions we’ll examine:

1. Healthy habits start in childhood. How do we get, and keep, children on the right path? Eric Rimm, of the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, will discuss the nutritional challenges children face each day.
2. In some instances, severe and persistent obesity leads to surgery. What happens after? Kellene Isom, of the Bariatric Center at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, talks about the struggles her clients face pre- and post-surgery.

3. Can food be therapeutic? Alison Gerber, of Community Servings, will talk about food as “medicine”, focusing on those suffering from chronic illness.

4. Does making nutritional advice more culturally relevant help? Johnisha Levi, of Oldways, will talk about its African Heritage & Health Program, designed to address the needs of a population with especially high rates of diet-related health problems.
We have abundant, convenient, and, in some ways, cheap food. Yet too many Americans struggle with nutrition. Why? And what can be done? As always, we expect a vibrant conversation. See you on March 29.Free and open to the public. Follow our live tweets on Twitter using#OCNEU.

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