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This week in the Open Classroom on Food Systems: Sustainability, Health, and Equity we take a close look at “urban agriculture,” one of the hottest – and most contested – topics for those seeking to expand local, sustainable, and healthy options, especially for those with problematic food access. Some questions we’ll examine:

1. What is “urban agriculture,” and what trends do we see? Food writer and activist Bessie DiDomenica will start us off with a broad overview of this sector.
2. Boston has long had community gardens. Do they count? Michelle de Lima of Boston Community Gardens will review the role of community gardens in the overall urban agriculture picture.

3. What does it take to create and sustain an urban agriculture program, particularly one serving low income populations? Lydia Sisson of Lowell’s Mill City Grows will walk us through the lessons learned from her project.

4. Can urban agriculture make a profit? Margaret Connors of City Growers examines the challenges facing commercial urban agriculture in Boston and elsewhere.
The dominant food system gives most of us abundant, convenient, and comparatively cheap food. But that system seems remote and unaccountable. Can urban agriculture be part of the solution? To what problem? Many questions to probe. See you on April 5.Free and open to the public. Follow our live tweets on Twitter using#OCNEU.

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