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Each of the 1,200 students who participated in this year’s Clinton Global Initiative at Northeastern University were committed to making a difference in the world. Highlighted in this article are students hailing from as close as Northeastern and as far away as Hong Kong.

Omeiya Yousuf from Miami Dade College was concerned with resources for students at college. Her CGI U commitment to action focused on developing ecologically sustainable, economically affordable laundromats on college campuses. “By powering what would essentially be a laundromat on campus with solar panels, we can create a space where students can do laundry without spending any money,” she said. “Not being able to afford to clean your clothes impacts students in so many other ways—maybe they’re embarrassed to go to class or interview for a job—and these are things we can fix. Small footprints make a big impact.”

Mai Ahn Srisuk from Northeastern University founded Barcode, a platform to combat human trafficking in Vietnam specifically and Southeast Asia at large. It’s a topic that’s personal, as her mother was kidnapped at a young age in Vietnam. “She made it out alive, but not everyone is so lucky,” Srisuk said. “I’m trying to create a pathway for funding, as many of the non-governmental organizations dedicated to this sort of work simply don’t have the funding they need to rescue the women and girls in danger.”