Atleto App and zone tours

NOTE: Lockers, showers, hair dryers, and saunas are not available.

atleto app

Reservations will be made through the Atleto app. Download the free app via or
  • Follow the instructions on your phone

  • Joining Atleto:
  • After downloading the ‘Atleto’ Application, input: First name, Last name, Email, and Preferred Password. Please be sure to utilize your Northeastern email ( i.e. ) when creating your profile (if you use another type of email, your registration will not be accepted).
  • You will be prompted to add the activities of your interest. Feel free to add as many as you like, but please be sure to add ‘Fitness’.
  • Click ‘Groups’. You will be able to see all the groups at Northeastern University.
  • Choose Northeastern University (Open Group anyone with automatically receives access to reservations)
  • Click ‘Ask to Join’
  • Once you have made your account ( it will be active immediately and you will be able to make a reservation for a zone.

    Making a Reservation: Click here for a video tutorial
  • Please ensure you have an active Campus Recreation Membership prior to making a reservation
  • Log in to your ATLETO account
  • Navigate to the Me icon on the bottom right of screen
  • Select “My Bookings”
  • Select “Make a booking”
  • Choose the facility for which you would like to make a reservation (Marino Center or SquashBusters)
  • You will be able to see all the zones. Select your zone and all available reservation times for the next 72 hours will be visible. (If a reservation time is filled you will notice a red dot next to that time and a message will direct you to choose another time)
  • Choose your reservation and it will be saved into your bookings list in date order.
  • You may sign up for one reservation per day.
  • You can make a reservation on the same day, if there is a spot available.
  • A notification will be sent via a banner on your device 3 hours prior to your reservation to remind you of your scheduled time.
  • You can unregister by choosing ‘Cancel Booking’ (swiping left on your booking).
  • During your workout a notification will appear 10 minutes prior to the end of your reservation to remind you of the time remaining.

  • Marino Recreation Center - Zone 1

    32 reservation spots, with the following equipment availability:
    (27) Cardio pieces, (8) Strength, & (12) Halos; 4 Arc Trainer, 3 Bikes, 12 Treadmills, 4 Stepmills,
    1 UBE (upper body erg), 3 Precor Elliptical, 1 Chest Press, 1 Torso Rotation machine,
    1 Dip/Chin Assist, 1 Overhead Press, 1 Multi jungle, 3 Benches, & 5-30LB Dumbbells.
    Click here for a video tour of zone 1
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    Marino Recreation Center - Zone 2

    35 reservation spots, with the following equipment availability:
    (29) Cardio pieces & (11) Strength; 6 Treadmills, 4 Rowers, 9 Bikes/AirDynes, 2 Arc Trainers,
    3 Stepper/Stepmills, 1 Max Trainer, 4 Octanes, 1 Hip/Ab Adductor, 1 Lateral Raise, 1 Seated leg Curl,
    1 Seated Leg Press, 1 Leg extension, 1 Chest Press, 1 Row, 1 Shoulder Press, 1 Pulldown,
    & 2 Cable machine.
    Click here for a video tour of zone 2
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    Marino Recreation Center - Zone 3

    30 reservation spots, with the following equipment availability:
    (31) Strength pieces, & (12) Halos; 6 Power Racks, 5 Olympic Benches, 4 Plate Loaded, 3 Cable machines,
    1 Assist Dip/ chin, 1 Fly/Rear delt, 1 Pulldown, 1 Chest press, 1 Leg extension, 1 Seated leg curl,
    1 Arm Curl, 6 Benches, 10- 110LB Dumbbells.
    Click here for a video tour of zone 3
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    SquashBusters Center

    10 reservation spots 7:00am-10:00pm; 6 reservation spots during the lower density hour 6:00am, with the following equipment availability:
    2 Treadmills, 1 Power Rack, 1 Smith Machine, 2 Functional Trainer/Selectorized,
    2 Bikes, 2 Ellipticals, 1 Rower, 1 Stepmill, and Dumbbells.

    Squash reservations are now available for two persons per court. One player should make the reservation as a host through the Atleto app and will remain in the lobby after check in to greet the second player when they arrive. The second player will not be granted access to the court area until the player with the reservation has arrived. Both individuals must be compliant with all testing and facility access protocols.
    Players on the same court should make every effort to maintain safe spacing throughout and in between play.

  • The reservation length is 55 minutes. Players must utilize the cleaning wipes provided to clean the door handles and high touch areas upon entering and exiting the court.
  • Please bring your own equipment; including protective eyewear and gum soled/white rubber soled sneakers.
  • Squash rackets, squash balls, and protective eyewear are available for purchase.
  • Guidelines for Squash Reservations and Court Etiquette

  • Squash Courts Reservation Hours
        * Monday – Friday: 6:00am- 12:45pm
        * Wednesday & Friday: 7:30pm-9:25pm
        * Saturday: 4:15pm-7:20pm
        * Sunday: 8:15am-11:20am

    Click here for a video tour of SquashBusters zone