Safety Measures

As Huskies we pledge to demonstrate concern for others. Put simply, we wear face coverings to protect others. While at the Campus Recreation Facilities a face covering is required in all spaces and during your work-out.

The following programs continue to be temporarily suspended
  • Intramural Sports program
  •         o Robust virtual offerings available
            o In-person intramural sports continue to be temporarily suspended
  • Instructional program classes
  •         o Swim Class, Skating Class, Muay Thai, Dance, and all other indoor group classes
  • Group Fitness classes taught in-studios
  •         o Diverse Instructional Fitness classes available

    The use of these areas continue to be temporarily suspended
  • Pool/open swim @ Cabot Center
  • Indoor Cage (turf & track) @ Cabot Center
  • Racquetball Courts @ Cabot Center
  • Basketball Courts, Sport Court, & Track @ Marino Recreation Center
  • Studios @ Marino Recreation Center
  • Studio @ SquashBusters
  • Open skate @ Matthews Arena

  • Capacity limit will be 101 at the Marino Recreation Center and 10 at the SquashBusters Center per 50 minutes reservation.

    At the SquashBusters Center, we have de-densified further below the required 40% capacity and designated 6:00am-6:50am, Monday-Friday & 8:00am-8:50am Saturday-Sunday as the lowest density timeframes, provided for those individuals that are interested in this particular type of environment.

    All equipment available for use are physically distanced 14' per Massachusetts guidelines. Most cardio and selectorized strength equipment has been moved onto the basketball courts to allow for proper spacing. Remaining fitness equipment is spaced out appropriately in the main facilities.

    The Marino Recreation Center & the SquashBusters Center will be cleaned according to university standards; additionally, Campus Recreation staff will regularly clean fitness equipment throughout the day and address high-touch points. Also, participants are expected to clean each piece of excercise equipment prior to and after use.

    We use Oxivir & Virex 256 spray and wipes, as recommended by the university.  These products are one-step, hospital grade, cleaning, disinfectant. They are effective on hard and soft surfaces and safe for skin contact.

    In addition to participant's cleaning that is expected before and after use, Campus Recreation staff will clean all equipment surfaces 4 times per day during zone closures. High touch surfaces (doorknobs, stair rails etc.) will be cleaned continuously throughout the day.

    Our hand sanitizer has minimally 62% alcohol content.