Husky Race: Iditarod Run at Northeastern University

The Great Husky Race: Iditarod Run at Northeastern University


Iditarod Story – the Inspiration


“In January 1925 an outbreak of diphtheria threatened to wipeout the town of Nome, Alaska, sparking fears that an epidemic would spread and kill thousands if antitoxin medicine was not supplied. The antitoxin could only be delivered by dogsled across a portion of the Iditarod Trail.


A heroic relay of Husky dog teams transported the antitoxin across the 674 mile trail from Nenana to Nome braving gale force winds, -85 degree temperatures, and whiteout conditions across the remote Alaskan Interior. The life-saving serum was delivered to Nome in a record-breaking 127.5 hours, without a single broken vial.”



“The Great Husky Race” - Our Rendition of the Iditarod Run


We ask all members of the Northeastern University community to join us in bravely recreating this historic journey through 674 miles of virtual Alaskan terrain.


Teams comprised of up to 8 participants will take their shot at completing the 674 miles trek from Nenana to Nome in any fashion they choose: walking, running, biking, rowing, etc.


Teams will have up to 6 weeks to finish the journey, and prizes will be awarded for reaching designated milestones.


The winner will be the team that travels the farthest distance by the race end date of March 5th. All who complete the race will also receive a prize in recognition of the accomplishment.




All registrations must be completed by January 24th, 2021 at 11:30pm EST. Teams may have up to 8 members.

Students, staff, and faculty please register here.


Alumni please register here.



Mileage and Tracking


Each team’s progress will be monitored weekly to show their location within the race. Teams will be tracked and rendered onto the Iditarod trail via a map on a weekly basis with results being shared on Friday’s at 12:00pm EST. All information about team locations will be found in the leaderboard where each team will be ranked against one another, showcasing progress and next milestones.


Individuals and teams must submit their miles weekly by Thursdays at 5:00pm EST via this link. Participants can also attach photos of their travels at this link.



Length and Milestones


The race will last 6 weeks with 10 milestones/checkpoints along the way. Teams can continue at their own pace; however, the flexible goal is to reach the milestone at the date listed below:


  • Nenana > Tolovana (52 mi) ---- 1/28
  • Tolovana > Fish Lake (59 mi) ---- 2/2
  • Fish Lake > Kallands (60 mi) ---- 2/5
  • Kallands > Kokrines (54 mi) ---- 2/9
  • Kokrines > Whiskey Creek (58 mi) ---- 2/12
  • Whiskey Creek > Nulato (72 mi) ---- 2/16
  • Nulato > Old Woman Cabin (76 mi) ---- 2/19
  • Old Woman Cabin > Shaktoolik (74 mi) ---- 2/23
  • Shaktoolik > Golovin (261.5 mi) ---- 3/2
  • Golovin > Nome (78 mi) ---- 3/5


The team that travels the farthest distance by the end of the race will be proud winner of Northeastern University Athletics Department team jerseys.


Teams will receive emails with the following details when they reach a milestone:

  • Congratulations on reaching the next milestone
  • Which milestone they have reached, how many miles they have traveled, and a fact about that location
  • The next milestone they will travel to and how many miles they will need to travel to reach the destination
  • A recovery/race tip crafted by our Fitness Team




A leaderboard showing how many miles teams have traveled and their location on the map will be posted on the Campus Recreation Husky Race webpage.


This leaderboard will updated every Friday at 12:00pm during the course of the event.






Please reach out to Jack Butler via email at with any questions or concerns you may have. Best of luck to all!