Poster Session Schedule

Posters should be 4×4 in size. Posters will be displayed at the workshop during coffee breaks and lunch, and be considered for the award competition. A panel of faculty members will be appointed to determine the top three ranked entries from the approved.

Session Times:

  • 11:15-11:45 AM
  • 1:00-2:45 PM
  • 4:00-4:45 PM

Posters should remain in place for the reception.

First Name
Last Name
Poster #
RunZhuNortheastern UniversityNew Algorithms for Modeling High Homologous Temperature Plastic Deformation1
KaizhenZhangNortheastern UniversityMechanical subsurface sensing of solid inclusion in gel to simulate breast cancer2
SinaYoussefianWorcester Polytechnic InstitureElastic Response of Soft Spherical Shells under Cylindrical Indenters 3
KateVoorhesTufts UniversitySimulating Defect Textures on Coalescing Nematic Shells4
SamuelShianHarvard UniversityAdaptive Lenses Using Transparent Dielectric Elastomer Actuators5
MichaelRobitailleNortheastern UniversityAdhesion Mechanics of Hydrogel Contact Lenses6
Marcos Reyes-MartinezUniversity of Massachusetts Electromechanical Phenomena in Organic Single Crystals7
JoelParentNortheastern UniversityModels of a Trapped Particle Between Adhering Surfaces8
JimPapadopulosNortheastern UniversityNonlinear Load-displacement Relations for a Cambered Tire Cross Section9
DavoodMousanezhadNortheastern UniversityChiral, Anti-Chiral and Hierarchical Structures10
EvangelosKorkolisUniversity of New HampshireSynkinematic Observation of Force Chains in Sheared Granular Assemblages Using A See-Through Rotary Shear Apparatus11
MortezaKhaleghiWorcester Polytechnic Institute3D Holographic Imaging of Shape and Vibrations of Eardrum12
KwabenaKan-DapaahWorcester Polytechnic InstituteThermal Modeling of Magnetic Nanoparticle Heating for Implantable Biomedical Devices in Localized Breast Cancer Treatment13
TakaKanayaBrown UniversityThe Effects of Pore Pressure on Brittle-ductile Transition in Porous Geomaterials: Laboratory Constrains on the Strength of Seismogenic Faults14
HesamJafariUniversity of New HampshireSeeing triaxial tensile stress surfaces for curing epoxy resins in a new light15
MichaelImburgiaUniversity of Massachusetts- AmherstRolling Wrinkles on Elastic Substrates16
ShelbyHutchensUniversity of Massachusetts- AmherstVoid Instability Under Pressure in Soft Materials17
SomayehHosseini RadEcole Polytechnic de MontrealFiber microfabrication by liquid rope coiling instability18
JingFengSchool of Engineering and Applied Science, Harvard UniversityFirst Principles Calculations of the Phase Transformation Mechanisms in YTaO419
SamiFAkhouriUMass Polymer Science and EngineeringPuncture Mechanics of Soft Materials20
HamidEbrahimiNortheastern UniversityDirectional Delamination of highly Ellipsoidal Shells21
Yu-ChengChenUniversity of Massachusetts- AmherstHigh Aspect Ratio Wrinkles22
DanielChenBrandeis UniversityRheology of Active Networks23
ChristopherBurkeTufts UniversityArrested Development (of Emulsions)24
GiovannaBucciBrown UniversityMeasurement and Modeling of the Mechanical and Electrochemical Response of Amorphous Si Thin Film Electrodes during Cyclic Lithiation25
IsaacBrussUniversity of Massachusetts - Polymer Science and EngineeringTwisted Results for Filament Bundles26
AmirAzadiUniversity of Massachusetts - Polymer Science and EngineeringEmergent Structure of Multi-dislocation Ground States in Curved Crystals27
SinaAskarinejadWorcester Polytechnic InstituteToughening Mechanisms in Bioinspired Multilayered Materials28
Ange-ThereseAkonoMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyAn Improved Technique For Tip Shape Calibration in the Scratch Testing of Homogeneous Materials 29
Hamed AbdiNortheastern UniversityTorsional Dynamic Response of a Shaft with Longitudinal and Circumferential Cracks30
AlexOrsiNortheastern UniversityUncovering the Mechanisms of Soft Tissue Injuries Associated with ACL Tear
ZenanQiBoston UniversityMechanical-Electronic Coupling of Graphene Y-junction
ClaudioDi LeoMITA Cahn-Hillard-type phase-field theory for species diffusion coupled with large
elastic deformations
DayongChenUMASS AmherstStretching Cells with Creased Gels