Accepted Videos

Videos will be displayed during poster sessions.

Isaac BrussUniversity of Massachusetts AmherstExplosive Dehiscence of Jewelweed Seed Capsule
Dayong ChenUniversity of Massachusetts AmherstStretching Cells with Creased Gels
Ramin GhelichiMITEn Passant Cracks: Analytical Solution and Numerical Simulation
Boris ValkovMITOn the Reference Map Technique for Fluid Solid Interactions
Claudio Di LeoMITA'Cahn-Hillard-type'Phase-Field Theory for Species Diffusion Coupled with Large Elastic Deformations.
Julia LeeBrown UniversityOvercoming Surface Tension
Shuangzhuang GuoEcole Polytechnique de MontréalSolvent-cast 3D Printing of Freeform Thermoplastic Microstructures
Maxime ArguinEcole Polytechnique de MontréalElectric field alignment of multi-walled carbon nanotubes in epoxy matrix in order to establish preferential current path flows
Ravi SinghBrown UniversitySoap Film Experiment to study Synchronized Waving of Grass
David StroutBrown University3D Displacement Fields of Migrating Neutrophil
Frederick GosselinEcole Polytechnique de MontrealCreation of Sacrificial Bonds by a Viscous Flow Instability
Khoi NguyenBrown UniverstiyAttractive Behavior of the Superficial